Headstart B4 School

Headstart B4

Headstart B4 School is our transition to school programme for 4 year olds and runs each Thursday from 1:30 to 3pm.
Your child will meet our Room One children and our lovely family group leaders.
Headstart will help your child become familiar with school routines, make new friends and gain confidence in their new school environment.  
Children are encouraged to explore new activities in a supportive and caring environment.  
A smooth transition makes for a happy start to school life.  
Programme includes:
Simple numeracy and literacy games
Singing, music and movement
Discovery time - theme linked to inquiry topic
Sharing and discussion circle to encourage participation
Playground exploration
Library time
A variety of art and craft activities
Introduction of tasks and activities that New Entrant children will experience in their first year at school eg. cutting, pencil control, sequencing, sorting.
Focus on self management skills eg. taking responsibility for themselves and their belongings.

Weekly home packs include letter focus activity and book.