We consider the purpose of homework is:
  • To foster a partnership between child, parent and school.
  • To reinforce and practice skills.

At St Peter Chanel school homework will be:

  • Regular
  • Monitored by class teacher
  • Relevant to what the child is learning in class
  • Manageable (10-20 minutes for Year’s 1-3, 20-30 mins for Year 4-6)

Class teachers set homework according to the individual needs of the children but there will be some common threads throughout the school.

  • Reading  In the junior school it is appropriate for parents’ to listen to children read aloud as they learn to read.   In the senior school it is more important to foster an enjoyment of reading and ensure their child has a regular silent reading time.  Parents can monitor senior children’s reading by getting them to discuss stories and answer questions about what they have read.
  • Spelling –The children are tested at the beginning of the year to determine the level they will be working on.   Each week the children will get a list of words and they are tested at the end of the week.  We follow the Sounds Alive system where the children are taught to ‘Say, Sound, Cover, Write’ when learning words.
  • Basic Facts – The instant recall of basic facts impacts positively on overall achievement in mathematics. 
  • Religious Education – some activities in the Religious Education programme are identified as ‘home activities.  When these occur the children will bring their RE workbooks home and this will be a great opportunity to talk with the children about what they are learning in RE.