Room 1

Room One Class 

Room One is a small but very busy class of friendly, enthusiastic learners.  Each morning we focus on learning the names and sounds of the alphabet letters, forming letters correctly using the language of Casey Caterpillar and using our phonics skills to write and then share our stories with each other.

We are also learning to play lots of fun Numeracy games and I think our favourite would have to be Number Bingo. 

In Religious Education, we have been learning about Our Special Friend Jesus.  We were surprised to learn that when Jesus was a little boy he played lots of the games we enjoy playing today.

Our afternoon theme has been Pirates. What is a pirate? Do we still have pirates today?  We are learning about pirates through songs, dance, craft and discussion. 

Room One and Two often join together for sharing circles, Tai Chi, Physical Education, Drama and Inquiry topic.

We all look forward to Thursday afternoons when we welcome our Headstart children into Room One.  During this time we all participate in a variety of fun Literacy, Numeracy and Topic based activities.