Room 4

Here are our 25 Year 4/5/6 children celebrating St Patrick's Day.

When children get to Year 6 they can elect to become a Whanau Group Leader. This is something they aspire to and they take their responsibilities very seriously.

These guys have a wide range of talents - writing, sport, music, maths and the list could go on.  We also work closely with Ruma Toru in our modern learning environment and our awesome new furniture.

Mr. B (class teacher) keeps them on their toes with his class economy.  They earn money through completing different tasks and get to spend this throughout the term.  

The Room 4 children are working on having a growth mindset and adding the word 'yet' to the sentence 'I can't do that!' 

Room 4 uses Chromebooks and Google Classroom to support learning and help create future focussed learners.