Sacramental Programme

Every second year we prepare our Year 3/4 children for the Sacramental Programme.  
The children are jointly prepared for each Sacrament by parish, school and parents.  At present the programme is run in Term One, Three and Four of odd years.
The programme involves three of the seven Sacraments.  
  • Reconciliation - forgiveness
  • Confirmation - reconfirming their baptism
  • Eucharist - receiving Jesus' Body and Blood through Communion
This year (2015) we have 20 children and one adult receiving these Sacraments.  

Reconciliation is held during Lent.

Confirmation is usually held during the second or third term in which the children are confirmed by Bishop Colin. 
This year Confirmation is September 13th at 10:30am at St Peter Chanel Church.  Our parent information meeting is on 5th August in the church chapel at 7pm. This is lead by Father Michael. Bridget Russell and Michelle Tili are also there to answer any questions.  All parents are expected to attend. 

Eucharist is held on the Feast of Christ the King which is the third Sunday of November.  A parent meeting will be held five - six weeks prior to this date. More information will be posted closer to this time. 

If you wish to find out more about any of these Sacraments (including Baptism) please do not hesitate to contact Father Michael of St Peter Chanel Parish or Bridget Russell DRS at St Peter Chanel School.