Transition to School

A successful school transition will enable children to experience familiarity in their new school environment and gain a sense of belonging and well being.
We encourage all children to have three pre-school visits.  These visits allow children to become confident with:
  • knowing about school routines
  • knowing their way around the school
  • knowing some simple rules and expectations
  • knowing what the school bell means
  • knowing who and where to go for help 
Having some initial school-oriented skills helps young children to engage in their everyday learning activities with confidence and an expectation of success. To help every child make the most of their initial time at school, it would be ideal if your New Entrant child could…
  1. Recognise, read and write their own name.
  2. Sing the alphabet song and recognise some letters.
  3. Count objects to 10.
  4. Engage positively when listening to stories.
  5. Know several nursery rhymes by heart.
  6. Put on or take off their own polar fleece.
  7. Use scissors safely, with a reasonable degree of accuracy
  8. Manage at the toilet without adult assistance
  9. Create simple pictures and talk about them.
  10. Follow simple instructions.
  11. Correct pencil grip.

Please do not be overly concerned if your child has not mastered all of these skills. All children progress at different rates. Learning 

new skills takes time, practice and (parental) patience.

Parents are also reminded of the importance of age-appropriate independence for young children. Children benefit from being able to 

do things for themselves. A simple example is carrying their own bag as well as unpacking and packing it on their own. Well-intended 

adult help may be useful in the short-term however your child will benefit in the long-term from independently managing these tasks 

by themselves.

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