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'If I could be of any service in saving souls, in any part of the world, I would willingly do it in all my power.'   Nano Nagle



Who Was Nano Nagle?

Nano (Honoria) Nagle was born in Ballygriffin, Country Cork, Ireland in 1718. She was the founder of the Presentation Sisters and pioneer of Catholic education in Ireland.  Her family were devout Catholics who had managed to hold on to their land in penal times, when landownership and education were forbidden to Catholics.

During her time in the convent Nano struggled with the problem of what to do about the poor in Ireland.  Finally Nano decided that she could be of more use to the poor by actively helping them rather than by prayer alone.


She returned to Cork, Ireland in 1750 to set up the first of her schools. It was based in Cove Lane and although Catholic schools were illegal at that time it soon had several hundred pupils.  Nano's first school was a mud cabin in a very poor part of town. 


Nano Nagle spent all of her considerable fortune on establishing schools for the poor of Cork. In the school the children were taught to pray, work, read and write.


Presentation Sisters

Nano set up her own sisterhood. It was the first female religious group in Ireland to combine religious life with systematic, charitable works.  The religious group of women who has chosen to work with Nano eventually became the Presentation Sisters in 1805.

St Peter Chanel School was founded by the Presentation Sisters in Green Island in 19

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Every second year we prepare our Year 3/4 children for the Sacramental Programme.  

The children are jointly prepared for each Sacrament by parish, school and parents.  At present the programme is run in Term One, Three and Four of odd years.

The programme involves three of the seven Sacraments.  We also offer a Baptismal programme for children who have not yet been baptised.

  • Reconciliation - forgiveness

  • Confirmation - reconfirming their baptism

  • Eucharist - receiving Jesus' Body and Blood through Communion

Reconciliation is held during Lent.


Confirmation is usually held during the second or third term in which the children are confirmed by Bishop Michael. 

Eucharist is held on the Feast of Christ the King which is the third Sunday of November.  

If you wish to find out more about any of these Sacraments (including Baptism) please do not hesitate to contact Father Michael Hishon of St Peter Chanel Parish or Pesamino Tili, DRS at St Peter Chanel School. 

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“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”    -Desmond Tutu

Pastoral Care includes the care of students, staff, the Board of Trustees, families and the members of the school community. It emanates from the attitudes, spirituality, philosophy and personality of all the adults in the school. 

Through this team we are able to identify and help those in our community who are experiencing hard times or who are in need of a caring hand, listening ear, prayers or practical help.

How we can do our bit…

  • Showing friendship to new families and new students 

  • Giving practical help by offering rides, providing meals, baking

  • Being a listener to those in need 

  • Praying for others 

  • Acknowledging births, marriages, sickness, and loss of a loved one.