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School begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm.

Staff are available to assist children from 8.30am and until 3.15pm. Children need to be at School at least ten minutes before school starts so they can organise themselves for the day.

Morning break is 10.30am - 10.50am

Lunch is 12.50pm - 1.45pm 


School is open from Monday to Friday unless otherwise advised. Parents are asked to phone or email the office before 9.00am if children are not attending school or are coming late. This is important for the aspect of children’s safety. Unexplained absences are followed up by the Office Manager.


Newsletters - Our school newsletter comes out fortnightly. This can be read on our Facebook page and is also sent out via email.

Facebook - A reminder to LIKE our school Facebook page to see the latest updates, news and celebrations.

Skool Loop App - Download and find St Peter Chanel School for messages, events and communications.

Katie is in the School Office from 8.30am – 12.30pm and is happy to answer any queries and pass on any phone messages for children and teachers when necessary.


When your child is enrolled, any health matters which may affect her/his learning or attendance will be discussed and recorded. 

If your child develops a medical condition or has COVID-19 please let us know immediately to update our files.


Every second Friday at 9.00am. we have a school Shared Prayer time. Each class take turns at leading this. Whānau and friends are warmly invited to attend. It is a special way to start our day and head into the weekend.


In alternating weeks with Shared Prayer the school meets at 2.30pm for Assembly in St Peter Chanel Church.

The senior pupils run the programme and give opportunities for children and classes to share important news, birthdays and to show work. Parents are encouraged to attend.


The year six students are the leaders of our Whānau Groups. Each group has children from each level of the school and enjoy the Whānau family group time and building connections with their peers across the school. Activities the family groups organise include picnics, games sessions, craft sessions and more.


Our Library is very well resourced. All classes enjoy using the library and children able to take out two books a week.


At St Peter Chanel School we encourage children to look after their minds and bodies and be healthy. Children are not allowed sweets, fizzy or energy drinks. Water needs to be brought to school daily in a named drink bottle. The children’s lunchboxes will be checked by the duty teacher at lunchtime to ensure sufficient food has been eaten before they play.

At 10am we have ‘brain break’. Please supply a fruit or vegetable snack for your child. 

On Wednesdays and Fridays children can bring along food to be heated in the pie warmer. These must be wrapped in tin foil and named.


Stationery packs are available, at school at the beginning of the year through Office Max. The school has some stationery items which are available to children during the year. At the beginning of each year, all children are charged an Activity Donation. This donation contributes to the cost of photocopying, school/class trips and payment for performances at school. This cost is $50 per child. Accounts are sent home each term.


These are set by the Diocese and these are used to meet the ownership of Catholic schools. There is a legal obligation to pay these. The fee for 2024 is set at $495 for the year or $14 weekly or $17.30.


Throughout the year there are opportunities scheduled for teachers and parents to meet and discuss children’s progress. Early in the year, there is usually a “Meet the Teacher” evening. Parent / Teacher interviews are held towards the end of Term 2 and in Term 4. Children receive written reports at mid-year and at the end of the year.
If a teacher has a concern about a child, parents will be contacted. Teachers are very happy to discuss children’s progress outside these scheduled times. We ask parents to arrange suitable times with teachers out of school hours.


No vehicles are permitted in the school grounds between 8.00am and 5.30pm during the School day. A car park is available for use by parents with one designated wheel chair park. 

There is a drop off bay before you enter the car park, please note this area is only for drop offs and pick ups. 

No children are allowed in the car-park without direct supervision.


Many of our activities involve trips away from School. These require extra supervision and we are grateful for parent help with this. Notification of these trips is given in plenty of time and we enjoy having parents to help. There are various other opportunities for parents to help around the school, e.g. working with small groups of children under the guidance of a teacher, covering / repairing books, library work, artwork etc. We appreciate and welcome this help.


Students should not be sent to school if sick. Please phone the school office and let us know.

In case of sickness or injury, students are sent to the medical room for assessment and further action as required. 

Parents will be notified with regard to any steps taken by the school for any serious injury or sickness. It is really important that your contact phone numbers and emergency contacts are kept up-to-date in our office.

The health and welfare of the students in our care is paramount. If a student has a head injury, regardless of its severity, parents will be informed. If the injury or illness is minor, this will be attended to and the student will be returned to class. If the student appears distressed, parents will be called.


From 2023, we are phasing in a new unisex school uniform that will replace the current traditional grey option for boys and white shirt for girls.


Unisex uniform
Navy school polo shirt - $38 - available from the School office
Schooltex navy drill cargo pocket shorts - available from The Warehouse (South Dunedin) or online.
Schooltex navy drill cargo pocket pants (winter) - available from Th
e Warehouse (South Dunedin) or online.
Schooltex navy crew socks (2 pack) - available from The Warehouse (South Dunedin) or online.
Shoes - Black leather or whole black running shoes. 

School polar fleece -available at the school office

Long hair needs to be tied back. 
Jewellery - limited to plain studs or sleepers. No necklaces or bracelets. 
No nail polish.

Note: Girls can continue wearing the navy or tartan skorts as an option.

All items are in stock and are available for purchase now. The navy school polo shirt can be paid off in instalments if you wish. Please see Katie, our office manager, if you wish to do this.

Summer - Terms 1 & 4

Girls may wear navy blue Skorts.

Blue Sunhats must be worn.

Winter - Terms 2, 3 & 4 (Up to Labour Weekend)

In the colder winter monthsGirls may wear navy tights.

Navy long sleeved thermals may be worn underneath

polo shirts.


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